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The message today is about ‘Acceptance’. Acceptance of whom we are, of where we have come from, acceptance of our greatness and wisdom that we can employ to change the difficult energy we are often experiencing, into something much more endearing and caring.

For centuries many of us have been taught only of our probable weakness, not our possible ‘greatness’. We find it much easier to accept mistakes and guilt and “I can’t do that!” than to accept the possibility of great abilities.

Perhaps our ancestors arrived on Planet Gaia from other more highly developed Planets, and have implanted their wisdom and knowledge into our DNA to be accessed when we are ready. So, when problems confront us lets dig a bit deeper, and begin to accept the great Beings we actually are, rather than believe we have descended from apes!

Some special children seem to have more understanding and acceptance of our planetary neighbours – or ET’s as we usually call them, and have a greater understanding of the power and wisdom with which we have been created.

Perhaps it is up to each of us to help our planet evolve into a higher ‘greatness’, by accepting that we hold within us many higher abilities than we have previously believed.

If our DNA has indeed been imprinted with greater abilities, as the latest Spiritual Sciences are acknowledging, then we must delve into this intuitive wisdom, and accept that we have each arrived on Planet Gaia at this time to begin to create the planet of compassion, oneness, and knowledge.

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