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Planting the Seeds of Creativity

Within each of us there are seeds waiting to sprout and grow, and eventually bear fruit, once we have watered and fed them.

Where do we find these seeds?

Look within and discover your interests; what excites you and brings you joy? What gifts may you have? Ask Spirit to show you what gifts you can offer yourself and the world.

Now you’ve planted the seeds, how do you water and feed them? Perhaps you’ll find a self-help or creative course; perhaps a book will ‘jump out at you’? (I remember one book falling from a library shelf in front of me to get my attention!) Perhaps a particular podcast will attract you? Always look for synchronicities and help from unexpected places. If you are open and trust and have asked for help, whatever you need will be shown to you when the timing is right.

There is more Light being created on our planet than we have ever known, so a wonderful ‘growing season’ has arrived. If you choose to take advantage of this, so much help is available, and seeds of many wonderful kinds are just

waiting within to be nurtured.

When we release our old programs of unworthiness and inability – which must be weeded out as soon as we notice them despoiling our beautiful garden, then the seeds of creativity we have planted will grow and bear fruit.

“Dear Spirit, please show me what I need to know”, then listen; watch; believe and create.

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