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The message today is about forgiveness.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean approval of wrong-doing and of negative thoughts and actions. Forgiveness means non-judgment; the understanding that we are all painted with the same brush. We are all learning how to create a planet of love, peace and harmony, but our learning involves making many mistakes as we learn. Rather than condemning the person, or people who commit the wrong-doing, instead forgive them for their apparent lack of wisdom and knowledge.

Forgiveness opens a door to healing and renewal; judgment closes that door. Those who have lived many lives on this planet have probably endured many difficult circumstances, and these unconscious memories may still be triggered today. By non-judgmental forgiveness we are showing a different response which could allow room for a different perception in future.

However the most important person to forgive is ourselves, and this is often the most difficult. We need to pause, stand back, and objectively observe our thoughts and actions. Remember forgiveness is not about blaming; it’s about loving-acceptance and understanding of the person or people involved. Honest, heart-centered forgiveness heals all wrongs; it’s an acknowledgement of the Being of Love that dwells within each of us.

When I decide to forgive someone, I have had amazing results from this little affirmation, which I say every time the judgmental thought comes into my awareness;

“I forgive……..for……..I forgive myself for……..and God please help me to forgive all the parts of this I don’t understand.”

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