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Today I’m suggesting you start an exercise about remembrances – the value of remembering something that brought peace and joy into your heart.

This remembrance will probably be different for each person, but what is important is to rekindle the feelings of love, joy and peace.

Today, and for each day of the week please spend a minute or more – perhaps when you first awaken, or when you have a quiet moment, remembering something – anything - that brought you love, peace or even laughter. The memory of the event is not as important as the feelings which will then be released. These feelings will then spread much wider than we initially expect, and the more people who participate in this exercise the more valuable it will become for us all.

Isn’t it strange that negative memories are often easier to recall than positive ones? So

let’s push the negative ones into the background and replace them with happiness!

If you can’t initially recall something that triggered peace and joy, then just create an imaginary situation – remember it’s the feelings that are important, not the human story.

We are often more captivated by mental events than emotional ones, but let’s connect to the energy of our heart centre and allow a memory of peace and joy to wash over and around us.

Look into the eyes of someone or something (woof woof) you love, and you’ll rediscover the building blocks of peace, love and joy; the building blocks with which we are all created.

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