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Honouring our Self-Worth

Valuing self-worth is something that can change our communities, our planet, and ourselves.

When we value ourselves and realise that we are created as amazing, talented and compassionate beings, then we can extend this value to others and to all creatures great and small.

Why is it often so difficult to value ourselves? Perhaps we have a family tree history of belief in low self-worth, especially for women? Perhaps as small children we were over disciplined rather than honoured and loved? Perhaps we’ve lived many lifetimes based on attempting to create a feeling of power and importance through conflict and competition?

And many of us have been taught to believe that we must ‘put others first’; meaning that assisting others is the most important work we can accomplish. However we often achieve this ‘valuing of others’ through a denial of self.

Science has only recently discovered that we didn’t evolve from apes or more primitive humanoid beings. We have always been endowed with all the abilities we need to create peaceful, compassionate lives and communities.

The person we are completely responsible for is our self; we need to honour this Being and allow our wonderful abilities and talents to grow and shine.

The first step is to value ourselves – not out of a desire for ego-recognition, but from love and self-acceptance, and the intuitive wisdom that dwells within us all.

When we honour our self-worth we will also honour all life on the planet.

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