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Lessons from Family Members.

We belong to many families, and our spiritual family and our human family have more in common than we might realise.

Too often we criticize our human families, especially when we become adults. Do you understand that you chose those family members for the lessons they are now presenting you with? Lessons are not easy to learn, but nor are they easy to administer.

When you meet your human families back in spirit you realise that you were all involved in learning specific lessons; lessons that once learnt can continue to spread emotional and physical healing throughout the planet.

Just suppose you are all actors in a play, and are each playing the roles you have requested. When the play is over would there be any resentment, anger etc continuing after the script the actors were given is finished?

So when there is conflict within your human families understand that there are spiritual lessons involved, roles which you have all agreed to play. So always try to uncover the lessons being illustrated, and move back from the resentment, pain and anger these lessons may have triggered.

Then when you meet again in spirit you will be hugging and congratulating each other, and deciding what roles you will play next for the evolvement of your human family on planet Earth.

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