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Following your Dream.

Do you feel as if your life is a bit pointless? Perhaps you should be following a dream?

The first thing to understand is that you must first create a dream. Perhaps there are many dreams fluttering around within, waiting for you to choose one? Perhaps a dream has been sitting patiently in the back of your mind until you’re ready to recognize it?

Just allow that dream to resonate within your heart; don’t try to analyze it or decide if it’s achievable or not. No ‘what if it doesn’t happen?’ No ‘what if it’s not achievable by me?’ Connect to your heart-centered energy and accept with gratitude that your dream has manifested. Take any steps required to convince yourself that it has happened, even if you can’t yet see it with your physical senses. Don’t allow your ego to manipulate your thoughts; dreams are created from the heart, and from the heart they manifest.

Know that you can create anything you desire, and if the dream is positive for you it will be positive for everyone else as well.

There may be many negative beliefs to overcome, but to follow a dream will expose these negative ideas and release them back to where they came from. If they keep reoccurring use a positive affirmation to change them.

Begin each day by welcoming your dream, and end each day with gratitude for its manifestation. When you follow your dream you are creating a life of trust, love and happiness.

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