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Understanding Illness

Something troubling many people today, often on an unconscious level, is the fear that we will not survive our current life without succumbing to illness.

The belief in the inevitability of illness is impressed on our unconscious mind from many sources, not the least of which is that of big businesses creating pharmaceutical drugs. Also, some of us who have had many lifetimes on this planet have retained unconscious memories of dying from plagues etc, when personal hygiene was unheard of.

In those days bacteria and viruses spread easily and rapidly; but not today. Today the main cause of their spread is fear; fear from times long past, and fear indoctrinated into us by fearful people, and those who benefit from our belief in the inevitability of illness.

Something of great importance we will eventually learn is our apparently invincible power to create ongoing health, wellness and longevity when we can release the fear that is paralyzing our immunity and our innate abilities to prevent contamination. Illness may still play a sometimes-necessary role when we can see the ‘big picture’ but it will no longer take ‘centre stage’.

When we realise the importance of belief in our self-worth, in happiness, in the qualities of love, forgiveness and compassion these will become of greater importance and the negative beliefs in illness will begin to fade. We will understand that what creates our ongoing health comes from within, not from outside us.

Is this controversial? Yes; so why not each day take your pills of loving kindness and use your vaccine of happiness and compassion and see what happens?

“Every cell in my body is filled with light; Perfect health is my divine right”.

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