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Creating Change

Something we all need to acknowledge today is our inherent ability to create change; and to understand that the changes we see happening around us all the time may be changes we have requested – often without believing our requests would be answered!

Each time we think, or say ‘Oh, I wish……..” guess what! This puts the energies in motion, and our wishes are granted, if not immediately, at least the process has begun. So be careful what you wish for; do not use those words without thought.

The energies that are at your command can’t decide whether you intend that wish or not; they hear the words spoken or the thought expressed and begin to carry out your request. This ability has not always been available to us, but is now becoming much more available; this is one of the changes we didn’t expect!

We now need to take much more responsibility for our thoughts and our creations. No longer should we just sit back and think ‘oh well; whatever’.

We are in charge of ‘whatever’ and we must choose our thoughts responsibly and with care. What do we really want? Do we care enough to create it? Is it in the highest interest of all?

Now what is your reaction when you read these words?

Is it ‘Oh, well, whatever!’ or is it ‘Hmm, I’d better think more carefully about this’?

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