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Understanding Loss

When something or someone you love disappears from your life you feel a sense of loss, and there appears to be an empty space. If you choose to try and fill that space, please fill it with happy memories – or even memories of humour.

Do not fill it with guilt or blame – “perhaps I could have done this, or they should have done that!”

When someone, or something you love no longer appears to be on the physical plane, remember everything and everyone is eternal. Physical bodies are only designed to last a certain time, but the spiritual source that dwells within them is immortal.

We are all part of the beautiful tapestry, or jigsaw of life. Each is playing the role they have chosen and contributing to that tapestry, even when the ‘stitches’ can’t yet understand the pattern they are creating. This is when trust in our greater spiritual wisdom and abilities is so important.

Each ‘stitch’ takes its place in the beautiful tapestry of this planet of humanity, so rather than grieve, and feel something is missing when that ‘stitch’ is completed, know that it remains an important part of a beautiful, flowing on-going pattern.

When each ‘stitch’ is finished, it doesn’t ever disappear, it always remains part of the whole creation.

Thank it for the part it has played, and know its energy is eternal.

A LOVING tribute to Buddy you are LOVED and you will be missed

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