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Planting the seeds of positivity

Today many people are feeling a little ‘odd’. There is no way to really describe this feeling of ‘everything is much the same as usual, so why do I feel different?’ And ‘different’ always has a connotation of unpleasant.

We try to place this ‘different’ feeling into our personal life – perhaps this is going to happen? Or perhaps I am becoming unwell?

No, the energy of the planet is changing - the energy frequencies, solar energy, magnetic vibrations etc and we feel it, especially those who are sensitive to energy changes.

So what can we do? This is a great time to create positive change; we can seed our planet with more positive energy.

Change is occurring, so let’s make it wonderful! Each day we can plant 10 seeds of positive actions. These will grow and flourish and attract more peace and joy.

Keep a list; notice, and care for the seeds you are planting. Let’s do it, and watch them grow.

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