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We are all on this Planet Together

Too often we isolate ourselves from others – sometimes physically, emotionally, and often culturally. We may believe that we are different to others, and they are different to us.

In this new energy today, we need to respect differences, and understand that we have all come from many different life experiences, lifetimes, and cultures, that have created our individual uniqueness. But although each of us is unique, we are all created from the same universal energy.

The first step towards creating harmony and peace on our planet, and within communities, is to refrain from exaggerating differences, which puts everything into different boxes – building walls between what we believe in, and what we don’t. So, the next step forward on our journey towards creating a harmonious humanity, and a harmonious planet, is to stop focusing on differences, but realise ‘we are all in this together’.

Even though nature consists of many different creations – creatures, trees, oceans and countryside, these are all part of the nature of this planet, and everything in nature is connected to work together. When we observe a forest of trees, we can see the beauty in each tree, and although no two trees are identical, together they create a beautiful forest, and we can feel the peaceful energy they generate.

So, when we are able to feel the universal energy of Love with which we are all created, we can move our awareness beyond the belief in separation, and sense the harmony of oneness. Each heart can then be filled with love and compassion, and when we understand that we are all in this together, we can rebuild our planet of peace.

Essences that will be able to help you on this journey include:

Ammonite - For heart centered courage and steadfast faith especially during times of change.

Co-operation Coral & Clam - Creates co-operation on all levels, from cells to families and countries.

Ocean Love, Hope & Faith - Creating Love, Hope & Faith for a positive future and removing negative beliefs.

With love from Nancy and the team at Shell Essences.

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