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The Value of Animals

All animals play an important part in the creation, harmony and history of our planet. However, the animals we are most connected to are our pets – dogs, cats, birds, and many other creatures both large and small. What we learn and receive from these pets is wonderful unconditional love, which I’m sure we’ve all experienced.

Most of the creatures living on this planet are an important part of our human lives – perhaps providing food, protection, companionship etc.

Most of the indigenous people understood the value of animal life, and always honoured and respected them, never inflicting pain unnecessarily, and killing only those needed for food.

Slowly we are beginning to realise the value and care our Mother Planet Gaia gives us, and learning that all life she has created is interconnected and valuable, and each is an important part of the whole.

Although we might think that animals are not as clever as us, they apparently have stronger intuitive abilities. We often see this ability in our pet dogs, that seem to be aware of our feelings, and may attempt to comfort us when we are feeling sad or depressed.

I believe that all life on Planet Earth has been created to benefit us all, and when one species becomes extinct, Planet Gaia creates another, so no space is ever left vacant. But, let’s not wait until something dies out to understand that we should value, honour respect and protect all life.

We must also give our animal friends the unconditional love, kindness and care which we receive from them.

The Shell Essences which can benefit our animals, and especially our pets are:

Stress-less Dog - For stress and anxiety, hyperactive behaviour, separation anxiety, obsessional behaviour, and a sympathetic reflection of the owner’s emotional state.

Animal Meridian Balance – Balances all the energy meridians, so valuable for aging pets, or physical disabilities. ( Box of 5 essences similar to 42 Muscle balance)

Essenshell Pet; For any physical and emotional disability.

All products can be ordered as drops or sprays. Sprays can be sprayed over the animal, and around its sleeping area. Drops can be added to food or water or dropped onto head.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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