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The Power of Positive Thought.

Now we’re starting a lovely new year,

And leaving behind all the chaos and fear.

Whatever may happen,

We know we will cope,

When we greet each day

With contentment and hope.

Because of the many positive wishes, the disaster often prophesied for the planet didn’t happen; and if the power of positive thought continues, then the darkness will fade, as it won’t be watered by our fear and sorrow.

Instead, we are watering the Light with positive thoughts, and small deeds of kindness and compassion.

Even when we appear to see and hear only visions of darkness, sickness, and hopelessness, the Light is still growing, and the more positive thoughts we can create – without a negative backdrop – then a more positive, happy and wonderful planet is growing and evolving.

Our main task is to grow our positive thoughts, to notice when negative ones start to push in, and then send those fearful ones back to the darkness that is creating them.

We are understanding that all of us have more power and ability than we initially realized. Each of us is part of the beautiful tapestry we are creating, and have an important role to play. We need to believe that our thoughts carry a powerful energy that can be used for either healing or harm.

So, when the negative, fearful ones start knocking on the door of our minds, we must not let them in, despite whom they might tell us is sending them!

Instead, walk away and open that other door which opens to a beautiful garden of flowers, trees, and wonderful nature.

Step out into this lovely space, and when the negative visitors realise that no one will open the door for them, they will move away.

The power of positive thought will create the beautiful planet of humanity we all desire, and have arrived here to help create.

Shell Essences that may assist positive thought are the Blend:

Essenshell Trust and Faith – Accesses inner confidence, and the belief that all is well.

The Infinite Energy Essence:

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop – Helps rediscover Love, Hope, and Happiness for ourselves, and to spread this to others.

Love the team at Shell Essences xo

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