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The Importance of our Current Astrology - Kimberleigh Joblin

When we realise that we are all part of the Planetary Universe, and that we are connected by flows of energy to the planets of our solar system, we will begin to understand that we are always influenced by planetary energy.

For example, while our Sun Sign is only part of our personal astrology, it is an important part. If we are ‘out of our Sun Sign’, Spirit says ‘it is like going to work as an electrician with plumbers’ tools!’ The Shell essence ‘Lettered Cone’ will work with planetary magnetic energies to re-align our auric bodies to the Sun-Sign of our birth – the energy we chose to help us achieve our life purpose.

Naturopath and Medical Astrologer Kimberleigh Joblin always informs us about what is happening with the planets, and how this can affect our lives.

“There is a Grand Cross – Major Challenge, Major Conflict within our Heavens, and within us. There are 4 Fixed Signs of the Zodiac at logger-heads with each other, and if our Sun, Moon, or other important signs are in any of these zodiac signs, we may be feeling tensions. Anything we’ve covered up or neglected is really going to demand our attention right now.

Leo (Fixed Stubborn Fire Element) – Spine and Heart

Aquarius (Fixed Stubborn Air Element) – Ankles, calves, circulation, nerves.

Taurus (Fixed Stubborn Earth Element) – Neck, liver etc

Scorpio (Fixed Stubborn Water Element) – Bowels, reproductive areas.

Add to the mix Algol – Directly activated by the Transiting North Node in Taurus; we may require extra assistance in order to not ‘lose our head’ at this time!!If you’ve suddenly developed unexplainable health issues with any of these 4 Zodiac Signs body areas, the Conflict and Challenges will pass, but if you need help, please get them addressed professionally.

We will also get to experience, moving through Capricorn, a Transiting Pluto Return – the sign of government, politicians, and authorities. Planet Pluto represents power, usually negative power; (he is the Modern ruler of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio), and has a reputation for overwhelm, misusing power, tyranny, taking by force, stealth, just what we are experiencing today!

One of the things that brings great comfort in these interesting times is knowing that eventually all tyrants, plutocrats, and those who misuse their power will fall, starting in January 2022, and entirely in 2024.

Using the Positive Pluto is also about Personal Transformation, and eliminating that which no longer serves our Highest Good. We can gain empowerment, claim our Personal Power back, understand and access our deep, unconscious Shadow Self that has been hidden from us, and become the ‘Phoenix-Who-rises-From-The-Ashes.

You may benefit from Astrological Insights, Naturopathic Medicines, and the Shell Essences ‘Self- Empowerment’, ‘Restores Natural Health’ ‘Ocean of Love, Hope, and Faith’, and ‘Co-operation Coral and Clam’.

Hope you’re feeling more empowered now. Kimberleigh Joblin - 0468411283

Products mentioned above that will help you navigate this:

Wishing you all the best, Love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences.

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