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The Importance of Events

The message today is about ‘Events’; not just the negative, dramatic ones we hear about each day in the media, but the quiet, peaceful ones we don’t always hear about. However, these are taking place all the time, but perhaps only if we were involved will we become aware of them.

To be able to help our planet Gaia and humanity continue to evolve in a positive way, we need to be aware of everything that is occurring, and what each of us can do to prevent the negative, and contribute to the positive.

When we hear how many of our native forests (so important for our health) are being decimated by logging, we could each plant a tree, or join an environment group that is re-planting trees, and helping to preserve koalas. The trees burned in our bush fires have nearly all re-sprouted, and seem to be healthier than ever, so we see how the event of bush fires can be overcome by Mother Nature, however, our native wildlife may need our help as well.

We each have amazing, beautiful and powerful abilities that lay within us, undetected until we become aware of them. This ‘awareness’ is often triggered by Events that need our help to restore problems and create new growth.

Perhaps, without these Events we would not be aware of the positive change we could become part of; sometimes that needs to be a warlike Event, or a planetary destructive Event to show us what could happen, and how we could work together to prevent the negativity and create a wave of compassion and positive growth.

Negative Events wake us from a possibly blind sleep to make better decisions, and positive events inspire us to create the harmony of peace and compassion.

Shell Essences that could help us are:

Rainbow Hematite – Encourages a deeper, enlightened understanding of life, the universe, and everything.

Trochus Shell – Connecting with Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and Humanity.

Honeymoon Island Coral – Using our ingenuity to overcome problems.

Syrinx Aruanus – Creates harmony within groups on all levels; promotes spiritual healing and cooperation.

Lots of love from Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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