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Retrieving Forgotten Gifts and Abilities

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It is important to discover our often long forgotten gifts and abilities and retrieve them; the gifts of Personal Power, Ability to Heal, Ability to spread Love and Assistance to those in need, and Ability to bring down barriers and retrieve the gifts and personal power we have hidden away.

While it was necessary and important to put aside our fears and anger, too often we also bundled up our unacknowledged creativity and gifts with our fears – ‘I couldn’t do that’; ‘I’m not good enough’ etc, etc.

The time has now arrived to retrieve our forgotten abilities, and uncover gifts we can now use, when we believe this is possible.

Step by step, the new energy of 2022 is encouraging us to look within, and to find any hidden treasures we can now bring into our awareness and use. Over the years too many of our possible gifts and abilities have been locked away, as perhaps it was not appropriate to use them then?

But times have changed, and now we need to retrieve those hidden, and often forgotten treasures, and bring them into the Light. Once retrieved, perhaps our most difficult role is to acknowledge and own them, and realise that they have been retrieved because they are now needed to help our evolving planet change direction, and face the Light. We have the ability to now unpack these forgotten gifts, and to also face the Light.

Shell Essences that will help us to acknowledge and use our gifts are:

FOSSIL NAUTILUS - Connecting to the love within, accessing forgotten gifts and abilities.

STROMATOLITE – Helps regain forgotten wisdom and stimulates new knowledge and understanding.

KIM’S WHELK – Removing the overlay illusion to reveal our true inner being.

Sending love to you from the Shell Essences team.

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