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A story about Mawson the dog

This Blog was written by Mawson the dog, and will be in the next newsletter, but I thought it was such fun – and so authentic and useful for animals, and for us humans also, that it should also be a blog. Thanks Mawson!

Testimonial from Mawson – a dog who has used Shell Essences for many years.

“Every day I am sprayed with my Wound Healing and 42 Muscle Balance Sprays. I sometimes take a long time to lick them off my paws! I really notice it when my owner forgets to spray me, as I am 15 years plus in human years; an aged dog, and I struggle with two back legs that sometimes don’t work much, and a very sore, lumpy front leg. The Sprays really help me! I have been using Shell Essence Sprays since I was about 2 years old.

Heaven Sent has been an immediate first aid spray, whenever anything goes amiss – including two weeks ago when a dog flew out of nowhere, and took a little bite out from under my eye!!! On went the Heaven Sent after the small wound was wiped and cleaned. It works marvelously for my immediate relief.

Another important spray I use regularly – and have done for years is – Bliss for Feet. This relieves the aches in my two front paws. One paw in particular gives me a bit of ‘curry’, and I bite and bite and get no relief! Very quickly, (once my biting is noticed) I get sprayed with Bliss for Feet, and that really helps. No more biting. It should be called Bliss for Paws!

Well, its my dinner time now, and my owner is still typing away on her computer…….I am barking very loudly to remind her about being late for dinner……So I will have to go now.

Wishing you happy days with Shell Essences Sprays”

Thank you, Mawson, for your lovely testimonial. I think you have written this newsletter for me!

*Please note - Our wound healing and 42 muscle balance can be converted into sprays for your furry friends. When placing your order just let us know that you would like them in spray form.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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