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The message today is about ‘Revival’.

On a physical level Revival means understanding any negative imbalances, where they originated,

and how to remove them, in order

to revive our natural, healthy body.

But on a deeper level, Revival means

to remember and activate the wisdom

we have stored in our DNA, Akash,

and Intuition.

We need to revive the wisdom we have already learned of the imbalances caused by fighting, competing, and separating, and the balance and healthy lives which are restored when we focus instead on love, connection, and commitment to the highest good of all.

We need to revive the positive wisdom we once used, and which many native tribes continue to use, including the knowledge of Nature, and how to use this knowledge for the benefit of Humanity and Nature.

We need to revive this wisdom and knowledge once taught by the Elders of ancient societies, and now often forgotten by us, when our current focus is on technology and new inventions. While technology is necessary today, underlying everything must be revival of the importance of care, compassion, and loving communication, rather than building on fear, despair and competitiveness.

New technology and inventions should be surrounded with a rainbow of love and light, so we must revive the knowledge of love, light, and the interconnectedness of all, which has been programmed into our unconscious memory in order to achieve our highest good.

Although there is a current push towards battles, fear, and competition, we should revive the inner knowledge of whom we actually are – beings of love and peace, with wonderful inner strength and wisdom; then let’s spread this vital knowledge throughout our world.

Shell Essences that could help our ‘Revival’ are:

Ocean Forest Seafeed – Relearning to love and connect with all including nature. (Recommended by Kim Joblin, Naturopath, Medical Astrologer)

Stromatolite – Helps regain forgotten wisdom, and stimulates new knowledge and understanding.

Fossil Nautilus – Connecting to the love within; accessing forgotten gifts and abilities.

We have created a special Revival Bundle which includes all 3 of the above essences:

All my love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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