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The message today is about remembering; that is, remembering what is important in our lives; what has given us, and continues to give us peace and happiness. Remembrance sounds like something that is past, and no longer current, but the importance of remembering is to make sure that good, positive actions and thoughts are not lost, but recorded within our Akashic memory, and always available when requested. Therefore, we must make sure we ‘underline ’what is important to us today, and what has brought blessings to us and others.

Our planet Gaia holds memories both past and present, and these are stored in her Akashic energy memory within the Crystalline Grid which encircles the planet, for us to retrieve and learn from when we request. Everything nature needs to remember is also stored within Gaia, the Mother Planet, so nothing is ever lost, just replaced with new energy information if and when required.

We often believe we must remember only the trivial – “Where did I put that”? or “Did I order that thing I wanted”? However, ‘Remembering’ is a method of human learning, and creates the ability to make positive change. It helps create the positive growth of our personal human life, as we can then safely learn lessons without having to constantly repeat them. Our memories are stored in the Akashic memory within our DNA, and are always available when we request.

Remembrances of peace, compassion, healing and joy change the energy of our planet as they are imprinted into its Crystalline Grid, and when these memories become stronger and more common than our old fears and angers, they will replace these negative memories.

So, as we begin, and end each day, we can commit to remembering all the loving, positive, thoughts and actions created by us and others, and these memories will then create our day of happiness, and our night of peace.

Essences that can aide you on this journey are:

Wisdom Rock - Acknowledging and accessing our inner wisdom

Stromatolite - Helps regain forgotten wisdom and stimulates new knowledge and understanding

I Remember - Addresses both short and long-term forgetfulness, and gives a memory boost at exam times. Helps create assured behaviour.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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