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What I wish to write about today is ‘Recession’, which is the act of moving back or withdrawing.

Although we usually hear about ‘recession’ regarding finances, the recession we need to be aware of, is our unconscious desire to move our lives back into ‘the way things were’.

We have reached a ‘turning point’ with our lives on this planet, and the last thing we need to do is to turn back into the old energy of warfare, competition, separation and fear, which is being demonstrated to us on the media. We are moving forward into a new energy of feminine compassion, care, peace, and of course love.

To advance into this higher vibrational energy will take trust and courage, but once we take those first steps, we will know there is no turning back, no ‘recession’.

Spiritual Science tells us that the magnetic grid encircling our planet, and to which we are all connected, is now changing its energy from ‘fear and fight’ to ‘kindness and care’. What is creating this change are the small acts of compassion and kindness, not by governments, but by caring people. So, every small act of care and kindness connects to the magnetic grid, and is changing it, drop by drop.

The message for us all is to continue to move forward and access the positive energy, rather than move back into recession – although that may possibly seem to be the easiest path!

Despite the huge problems facing us, for example floods and wars, these often demonstrate the other side – the kindness and caring by multiple individuals to help those in need – even small children donating their pocket money!!

So instead of going back into recession, we are creating an ocean of peace, love and compassion, drop by drop.

I remember a favourite rhyme we children used to write into our autograph books –

“Life is mostly froth and bubble

Two things stand like stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble

Courage in your own.”

Shell Essences which may help us during these times of change are:

Callala Bay Scallop – Removes old negative emotional patterns and emotional blocks to allow a fresh start.

Starting Anew – Opening to positive change and new possibilities.

Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop – Connects to the feminine energy of caring, intuition, and renewal.

I hope you all have a fantastic week, love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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