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What I need to write about this week is ‘protection’.

Although we have a spray and stock drops for protection, the protection that is important today is protecting our thoughts from the negative energy of fear with which we are surrounded.

As we know, our thoughts create our reality, so it is very important to protect them from any fearful, negative, and critical impact of that which we read, see, and hear today.

Thoughts of compassion, love and peace are so necessary, but shouldn’t be influenced by, and created from fear and anger. Our thoughts impact our environment, which has no physical limits, so protecting ourselves from negativity, then allows love and compassion to flow, and also faith that we will learn new, and more positive ways to employ and enjoy ourselves.

So, our first task is to notice any negative thoughts, remove them and replace them with a positive, beautiful thought or vision. (“I just say to my negative thought ‘piss off!’ and then look at a tree, a garden, or my lovely dog”)

We cannot rely on others to protect us, we have free will, so need to use this to protect ourselves. When we protect our thoughts, then physical, emotional and mental protection is automatic, and we’ll create the present and future we all desire and deserve.

Shell Essences that can help our protection are:

Protection – spray and stock drops. “Protection from negative energies of others, and from radiation; also helps our immune system to resist viruses”

Baler Shell – Infinite Energy Essence. Surrounds us with deep protection from infringement by negative egos, and negative energy devices.

Calm Serenity – Peaceful, calm control of day-to-day stress. Helps break the pattern of on-going stress, and allows better coping mechanisms.

Wishing you all the best this week. Love from Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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