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Peace and Tranquility

While we are accustomed to thinking of, and demanding ‘peace’ when we hear about times of war, the most important peace is that which lives in our hearts.

We need to remember that thoughts of fear, war, and conflict only contribute to this occurring, but thoughts of peace and tranquility spread this peaceful energy throughout the planet.

While thoughts of peace are important, so are words and actions. Therefore, words and actions of love and forgiveness create the new Venus feminine energy of peace, which we now understand is so vital towards creating the planet of peace and love, to which, on an inner level we are all committed.

Perhaps our most important lessons come from nature. When we see different types of trees all living peacefully together, we know they are also sending underground messages to each other; if some sense danger, such as a harmful virus, they pass this information on to each other, so they will be able to remove the virus when it reaches them.

The native peoples all learned their health and survival from observing nature. Now is the time for all humans to learn these lessons of peace, tranquility, love, and therefore survival.

Most of the Infinite Energy Essences are for tranquility, self-empowerment peace, love, and therefore survival; especially:

South Sea Pearl – Focusing on the love, and peace within all.

Noble Volute – Providing deep peace, love and harmonious connection with all of creation.

Seahorse – Discovering the ability to create immediate manifestation with confidence and peace.

Love from Nancy and the Shell Essences Team xo

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