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New Beginnings

Astrology Information for our Current times.

You may know that Human Nature is going through a shift – apparently the first time this has happened! We are entering a new energy with higher evolved thinking, that has never been here before…. but change is never easy!

We may feel frustrated and fearful that things don’t work as they used to; there may be health issues, sleep problems and anxiety as our bodies are re-balancing.

With the help of our current Astrology, and appropriate Shell Essences we can choose to move into this shift with greater wisdom, compassion, and understanding – we have come here at this time for a reason, and I know so many people are making great positive changes in their lives.

Kim Joblin, Naturopath and Medical Astrologer has given us some information so that we can use the energy of the planets to help us through this stage.

“Now is not the time for waiting. Now is the time for Focused Intentions and Moving Forwards.

With the new Moon in Aries heralding New Beginnings and the start of the Astrological New Year, we will all have a burst of fresh new energy and enthusiasm in whichever house of the Zodiac our personal Aries Zones fall, as Aries may be in any of our 12 Zodiac Houses. If we didn’t quite keep to our New Year Intentions (even if we didn’t make any!) now is a wonderful chance to move forward in a positive manner.

Something important to keep in mind with our Aries Areas of Life is the importance of the underlying drive for survival that our Aries parts represent.

Both Aries Hemispheric systems – North or South of the Equator represent an Astrological Symbolism which points to survival issues underlying the core of our motivations, actions or inactions.

It’s important to understand our personal survival motivation to be able to successfully manifest our potential great new start.

So, when we are presented with the opportunity for a fresh new start, make sure we are in touch with:

1.Why we are setting new intentions; (great at New Moon time for manifestation)

2.Why we have taken these actions;

3.Why we are using this new energy for a long-awaited outcome, - for long-term goal.,

Because of the Saturn Mars Conjunct (holding hands) in Aquarius they are blending their two energies and offerings starting 4th April.

Saturn – Known for his Slow, Plodding, Solid, Well-planned out, Building from the Ground up influences upon longer term goals.

Planet Mars – Known for his Bold, Initiating Get-Up-and-Go- at- it- Now influence, is currently moving through Aquarius - the sign of humanity.

So, this Planetary Meeting of ‘Motivated to Go Faster’ Mars, with ‘More Considered Approach’ Saturn, can make a wonderful sextile to pushing through a fresh start in your life, and herald a wonderful New Beginning that could manifest in around a years’ time.”

Kimberleigh Joblin Naturopath Medical Astrologer Buderim Meadows Naturopathy Online Services – Mobile Telephone Contact 0468411283

Shell Essences that can help us access our current Astrology are:

Shell Essences five Essence Box - ‘New Beginnings’

A box of five stock Shell Essences to help us shift into New Beginnings accepting positive change without fear of lack of survival: These are:

Queen Helmet Conch – Understanding, believing, and creating positive survival on all levels.

Shinbone Tibia – Gratitude and new beginnings of faith, trust, enthusiasm and delight. Removes barriers which create fear and self-doubt.

Ammonite - Heart-centered courage and steadfast faith during times of change.

Seahorse – Discovering the ability to create immediate manifestation with confidence and peace.

Kim’s Whelk – Removing old beliefs of personal inability, to reveal our true powerful Inner Being.

These Essences may make our New Beginnings much more like ‘Thriving’, not just Surviving.

Shell Essence 125 ml Spray – Perfect Planetary Partnership

Readjusts our personal planetary energies to connect us positively to our individual astrology for balance and harmony.

Love from Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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