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Learning from Nature

The message this week is about ‘learning from nature’ – meaning all the natural parts of our planet that are not created by current humanity. This includes natural vegetation, our seas and land, the wildlife, and also the weather. Although all of these can be disturbed by human activity, they also have an inbuilt ability to recover.

There is so much we can learn from nature, as the native people of our planet have discovered, and they have learned to live with nature for the highest benefit of all.

Our planet, given enough time, can recover from the global weather changes often caused by us, and nature has an amazing ability to regrow after the devastation by fires. As some wildlife dies out, new species are created, but most of humanity is still learning how to survive, and how to live positively with our natural environment.

When we understand the importance of this natural environment, we can work with Planet Gaia – Mother Nature, to live, learn and evolve.

The more we delve into how nature works together for the benefit of all without the need for competition, warfare, exploitation, and dis-communication, we can also learn to live together in peace, happiness, harmony, and understanding that differences are often created for the survival of all, not for destruction because of these differences.

We notice a forest of different trees living together and not trying to destroy trees of a different species, and we know they’re able to communicate through their root systems with the help of tiny organisms. We are beginning to understand that some wildlife species that we have been trying to save from extinction are often meant to disappear to allow nature to create new species better able to survive the current planetary conditions.

All of nature is connected, as is all of humanity. When the underlying vibration is harmony, we, and nature can continue to learn and to flourish.

Shell Essences that can help us learn from nature are:

Trochus Shell – Connecting with Mother Earth, Mother Nature, & Humanity.

Noble Volute – provides deep peace, love, & a harmonious connection with all of creation.

Ocean Forest Seafeed – Re-learning to love and connect with all including nature.

Lots of Love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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