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The message today is about ‘injustice’. ‘Injustice’ in this concept means not making allowances for truth, honesty, and forgiveness. ‘Injustice’ is when we may blame others for our own negative deeds because we don’t wish to acknowledge them, or injustice towards others when we might not understand the full story, but deliver ‘blame and shame’ rather than look for better understanding.

Perhaps we may think injustice only occurs with negative decisions in courts around the world, or in indifference, judgement, and harsh penalties towards people caught in political traps. However, when we look closely at our own lives, and at our negative beliefs, we may find a lot of injustice, such as blame we are directing towards ourselves, and our fellow humans.

We may even be committing injustice towards animals who have done no wrong, but on whom we may be venting our suppressed anger. When we look into the eyes of our pet dogs, we see their love and commitment to us, perhaps despite our sometimes-unjustified treatment of them.

So rather than focus on ‘injustice’ let us instead focus on understanding, and commitment to love and forgiveness, rather than believing we must fight back to correct the perceived injustice. Our present belief in ‘justice for injustice’ will not create the compassionate, loving world we all desire.

Shell Essences that may help us to acknowledge and change our belief in injustice are:

Ocean of Love, Hope, and Faith; - Creating Love, Hope, and Faith for a positive future, and removing negative beliefs.

Giant Razor Clam; Illuminates our inner wisdom to see beauty within all.

I Forgive; - Encourages gracious acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and allowance for self and others.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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