• Nancy Parker

Information and Wisdom

The message today is about ‘information’. We are constantly bombarded with loads of information, but does it contain wisdom? Is it correct and useful information? or is it ‘scare tactics?’

Whenever we receive information that might not sit comfortably with us, we must always ask our intuition, our Higher Self, whether what we are receiving is in our highest interest, or not. Always follow this inner guidance, because stored within our ‘Akashic memory’ – that part of our DNA, much forgotten wisdom is stored, and old lessons that were learned, and this information is always available when requested.

Every life journey is a gathering of information to be assessed, studied, and then recorded within our DNA (our ‘inner computer’). There are many gems of knowledge and wisdom that surround us each day, often presented by our Helpers in Spirit, and these can be used for the positive growth of ourselves and humanity.

With the current higher vibrational energy there is much more wisdom and creativity now available, but those who fear change and wish to continue in a survival mode may deny any new information, however this is a personal choice.

Mother Nature creates and spreads the information which all of nature needs in order to continue growing and flourishing, and nature is built to receive and spread this vital information. Humanity is also created with the basic information we need, and every cell in our body knows, learns, and responds.

Information is the basis of all growth and health, and as we evolve, new information and wisdom will always be available that we can use to enhance our inner growth and the growth of all humanity.

Shell Essences that may help with Information and Wisdom include:

Wisdom Rock – Acknowledging and accessing our inner wisdom.

Moldavite – Opening to wisdom from the universe, both ancient and new.

Sand Urchin – Accessing our evolving Spiritual Consciousness and our evolving wisdom.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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