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Although I have talked about fear in many of my previous writings, this information is about ‘Fearlessness’.

This is the energy of courage and self-belief – the inner knowledge that any thing negative we feel at this time is just the removal of fear, and opening to fearlessness.

When we understand that we are going through a stage of evolvement and growth for each of us, and for the Planet, then ‘Fearlessness’ will help us to acknowledge our inner wisdom and strength, knowing that we are always surrounded and supported by those in Spirit we may call our Guides, Angels, etc.

When we release our old fears, and step into the new age of ‘Fearlessness’, we can then use our collection of wisdom, and personal abilities to create a new life – a new beginning for us all.

So, we must accept our ‘Fearlessness’ as an intrinsic part of our personal spirit, and know that whatever negative thing confronts us from now on, we will recognize it, step away from it, and continue to construct a life of freedom, motivation, creativity, and complete belief in the evolvement of humanity and of our planet.

I have created a box of five Stock Essences called ‘FEARLESSNESS’ which can be taken in sequence, or whichever ones seem relevant. This will be on sale for a short time.


SHINBONE TIBIA – Removes barriers which create fear and self-doubt to embrace new directions with trust, enthusiasm, faith and delight.

AMMONITE - For heart-centered courage, and steadfast faith, especially during times of change.

PACIFIC CROWN CHAKRA CONCH – Moving beyond fear and experiencing inner peace and joy.

SCALLOP – Replaces fear and distrust of the future with faith and trust, and calms repetitive thinking.

RAINBOW DELIGHT - Removes fear and encourages lightheartedness, fun, and sense of humor.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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