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Evolvement of Spiritual Consciousness.

Now that our planet is postured towards positive energy, we can finally evolve into the powerful, spiritual Beings, which has always been our potential. However, this has been hidden behind the closed door which only allowed negativity, warlike behavior, and competitiveness, until the timing was right.

Evolvement does not require change, but instead an uncovering, and openness to discover the reality of whom we really are – eternal, immortal, universal Beings of wisdom, love and compassion. With our permission and intent, we can now activate the evolvement of spiritual consciousness for ourselves, nature, and our planet.

We must remain open to new creations, new ideas, and positive changes, and with courage and trust, know that each change will arrive when the timing is right for each of us; and perhaps this is the reason we have arrived on our planet at this time. We have undertaken an exciting voyage of discovery of realms we never knew existed, although they have always been laying within us.

The new Essence of Sand Dollar has arrived to help us make use of the new energy that is now available, we will be offering it for the first time in the next newsletter, also in the newsletter will be all the details describing this new Essence.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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