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Creating your Unique Being

It is important to honour the uniqueness of ‘Being’.

“Being what?” you might ask. Being that which you are – a beautiful creation of the universal energy we call God, or Love. “Who me? Surely not; I’m just an ordinary person!”

There are no ordinary people. Each being on this planet has their own distinctive gifts and abilities and individual personality, often formed through immersion in many difficult situations.

It is so important to recognize your uniqueness as well as your connection to the oneness of humanity – to all that is.

Please honour yourselves; you have been formed by engaging in many difficulties and learning to survive. You are a wonderful and unique creation, so please don’t put yourselves down. Each difficult situation is like forming a beautiful sculpture or artwork all created from the same material, but the result is individual and unique.

You are the artists and sculptors; what you are creating may not always appear physically beautiful to you, but the energy creation is amazing.

Please honour the human lives that are creating this beautiful being.

There will come a time when you will see the beauty, the loving-kindness and amazing abilities within each unique individual being. Even when you can’t yet see them, know that they are there, being created day by day, lifetime by lifetime, and know that you are the creators.

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