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Connecting with Community

The message today is about the importance of connecting with our communities.

With the Australian Election ‘looming and glooming’, this may cause another problem that will divide us, instead of uniting us.

So, let’s concentrate instead on how we can add to a united community – not united by votes and beliefs, but united by caring and love. Concentrating instead on how neighbours can help each other; how we can contribute to the growth of nature, and remembering the importance of smiles, and “have a nice day” to neighbours and strangers.

Also, we must guard our thoughts, so any thoughts that could contribute to division should be immediately recognized, and changed to thoughts of peace and connectedness.

When our community is united and connected by love and care, then eventually our country can also unite with the strength of caring and sharing. This loving energy is not contained within imaginary boundaries separating countries by political systems, but will spread gradually throughout our planet, and this can then bring us closer to other more developed planets in our universe.

So, small acts of kindness on a local level, can spread amazingly much further than we can currently imagine, and create the oneness within our community, country, and planet, and then the universe.

There are no barriers to the connection of loving vibrational energies, and it all starts with us.

The Shell Essences that can help us connect with community are:

Wonder Cowrie – Restores feelings of closeness and connection when there is a perception of isolation and disconnection from Spirit, family and community.

Noble Volute – Provides deep peace, love, and harmonious connection with all of creation.

Co-operation Coral and Clam – creates co-operation on all levels, between cells, families, communities and countries.

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Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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