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Compassionate Action

I’m writing again about Compassion, as I believe it is so important at present.

Spiritual Science tells us that Compassion is the new, powerful energy that is now arriving onto our planet to create the change we have asked for; however, it is up to us to choose this energy, and to take compassionate action. Rather than focus on anger, fear, betrayal, and whatever we believe to be missing, let’s instead focus on how we can each create the change we have been hoping for.

So, let’s focus on the feeling of compassion. I’m sure we all feel compassion for those affected by current wars, floods, and climate change, but let’s also take compassionate action for family members and friends and acquaintances who may be on a different life path to us, and are still feeling the need to fight for survival.

While we may be aware of their current life circumstances, we don’t know what negative things may have impacted them in previous lives, and the memory of these negative events is still left in their AKASH within their DNA, and can sometimes be triggered by small, seemingly inconsequential events in our current lives.

So, let’s allow ourselves to feel, and take compassionate action for those exhibiting fears and anger we don’t understand. Even an angry or fearful dog was probably ill treated by a previous owner or carer.

But love, understanding, and compassion can change even the most difficult behaviors.

Let’s each take whatever actions we can, to become the change we want to see.

Our Compassion Bundle will help you along on this journey:

This bundle include 3 x essences:

Red English Channel Sea Urchin - Heart-centered love, compassion and understanding the Oneness of all. Purple Acorn Barnacle - For heart-centered communication and compassion.

Austral Chiton - Positive connection to the high vibrational energy of Love and Compassion.

Love from Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xo

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