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Being Aware

The message this week is about ‘being aware’; that is, being aware of all that is occurring physically around us, and also being aware of what we are experiencing within, both mentally and emotionally, and most importantly intuitively.

We may be programmed to only observe that which we have come to expect, so lose our awareness of what might actually be occurring, and the possible reason this is happening, especially if others are involved.

As we know, an important ‘shift’ is occurring on our planet, so we need to always step into total awareness in order to each become a positive part of this energy – which is probably why we’ve arrived on the planet at this time. We must always open our awareness – especially our intuitive awareness, to make our best decisions.

So, it’s very important to allow our awareness to be open, in order to notice, to learn, and to respond positively, or to move aside if necessary. Without awareness we’re not likely to notice the many changes happening during this planetary shift, but instead to continue on ‘automatic pilot’, and wonder why something is not happening as we were taught to believe.

Instead of following an old pathway, we may now need to choose a different path; become aware of abilities we didn’t think we possessed, and allow our awareness to help us make our best decisions with courage and confidence.

Our inner awareness – our intuition – is always totally aware, and can guide us on our most successful life journey, if we request, listen, and believe.

Shell Essences that may help develop our awareness are:

Amber Dolphin; Freedom of thought and experience; expanded and creative consciousness and awareness.

Antennellopsis Coral 1; Supports clear thinking and cognitive function, awareness of concepts, connections and possible results of actions, thus excellent for decision making.

Sand Urchin; Accessing our evolving spiritual consciousness.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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