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The message this week is about ‘Allowance’. This seems a rather unusual topic, but this ‘allowance’ means being ‘allowing’ for the opinions and deeds of others. Even though we might often disapprove of their different deeds and ideas, especially today when we see so clearly the difference between the old negative energy we have become accustomed to for eons, and the much more positive new energy.

However, making allowance for those who believe in the old energy of ‘fight, separate, and compete’ to keep them safe, means we can then shine our own ‘Light’ and begin to create more love, peace and kindness on this planet.

‘Allowance’ means that the new energy of compassion – the most important change for the planet and humanity - can begin to grow. When I disapprove of others, I remind myself “I don’t stand in their shoes; I don’t know what might have happened to them today, or in their past”.

But remember, we also need to make ‘Allowance’ for ourselves, and not feel guilty when we openly disapprove of another person or their belief. We are all learning lessons, and those who never make mistakes may never learn. As Einstein said “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

I believe we have each arrived by choice on this evolving planet to learn to ‘Shine our Light’ – be it ever so faint!

Each Light spreads another sparkle into the ocean of compassion, and making allowance for others helps them to contribute their own sparkle, which they may learn to switch on after observing ours.

Shell Essences that may help us to make Allowances are:

South Sea Pearl - Focusing on the love and peace within all, instead of concentrating only on the external - this is now on sale!

Sand Urchin - Accessing our evolving Spiritual Consciousness.

Giant Razor Clam - Illuminates our inner wisdom to see the beauty within all - this is now on sale!

Lots of love Nancy and the Team at Shell Essences xoxo

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