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Courage and Bravery

The first message for this New Year is a reminder of bravery and courage; dare to be different from that which you were last year.

It’s time to release those old habits and beliefs of long ago; we are worthy of much more!

What old behaviour patterns have you been following because this is how you were taught by mothers, schools, and by commonly held belief systems?

Now is the time to search for something greater.

When you notice – and noticing is the first step towards change – that you are following an old habit; perhaps denial; perhaps ‘paying back’ for a perceived wrong; perhaps retreating instead of forgiving; perhaps judging and retorting instead of listening; know that you can do much better.

Notice the power generated by a smile and silence. Every small pause can create a big change for humankind. Dig deep within for the hidden abilities and wisdom that lay patiently waiting to be mined and spread around.

Notice only the positive – the beauty of love, caring and compassion, and allow the negative to pass away, which it will do when we stop nurturing and feeding it.

Don’t worry if you sometimes take a step backwards; we are each moving forward at our own pace. Take the hand of courage and bravery that is always extended towards us to guide you onto that next step as we climb the ladder of human life.

I wish you a happy and abundant 2019, with much love and gratitude for all you are being and doing.

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