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Releasing the Need to Suffer

We have all experienced a form of suffering at some time in our lives.

What we need to understand is that suffering is something we experience, but need to overcome, to correct our long-standing belief that suffering is a necessary part of our lives and the lives of all humanity.

When we face our so-called suffering and understand that we can move beyond this feeling and belief, then our lives can blossom with the love and joy with which we are all created.

We have built our current world on a strong belief in suffering, perhaps as a karmic necessity; as a release of guilt, a belief in the value of punishment, and therefore suffering is necessary. When we release our belief in the necessity of suffering and can look at this inhumane belief and see its emptiness, then we can choose to move beyond this outdated notion.

When we understand our inherent abilities and the ‘Light’ (love) with which we have been created, we will see that suffering is pointless and can be released, so we can move on to become the Beings that we actually are.

So when you’re experiencing suffering please look beyond it. It’s as if you are walking through a tunnel of darkness and hoping there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. But perhaps we don’t need to walk through a tunnel of darkness to find the light? Perhaps there is another path we can choose which is filled with light and leads to the same destination?

The high vibrational energy that is enlightening the planet at present makes this not only possible but probable. Let’s choose to move onto the pathway of light and love.

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