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Notice Where You Came From

What we need to notice today is where we have come from. This is not just ‘going back to the past’, but understanding we’ve arrived on this planet with usually no memory of where we’ve come from, or where we’ll return to, but we are doing the best we can with our currently limited knowledge; and we are learning (or re-learning) every day.

If you look ‘back’ to where you were only a few years ago, you’ll probably appreciate where you are now, and what you have achieved.

New higher energy and wisdom is sprinkled over the planet in small amounts so we can access it without fear of change; although today you might say “Hey! Did you just give us a double dose??”

Each time we blame ourselves, and complain that we should have known better…. No! We are learning day by day to ‘know better’, and then we will use this new knowledge to create better lives, better communities, and a beautiful planet.

Sometimes it’s only by initially making mistakes that we learn.

Whenever you focus your attention on the current ‘negative’ and notice that something just isn’t right, understand this is a message to correct it.

Don’t criticize yourselves for where you are now – look back at where you’ve come from in your present life; place a medal of accomplishment on your chest and wear it with pride and honour.

One day you’ll say’ Wow! What a positive change we’ve made! Who would have believed it!”

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