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Turning a New Page.

Now that the wonderful, exciting Lunar Eclipse is nearly finished it’s time to release our old useless stuff and reassess our lives.

What is your purpose on this planet? You came here to make a positive difference in some way.

Each person has their own special gifts, often undiscovered – especially if you latch onto those ‘this is the way life is, and the way it’s always been’ old beliefs.

Now it’s time to turn a corner, to shift your views and perceptions; to begin to look into what your own values and perhaps hidden (until now) gifts might be.

Whatever makes your heart sing; whatever brings more joy into your life; read that page and then turn to the next page. Even when your unconscious mind which has always controlled about 95% of your thoughts rattles on, you can use your intuition, your heart-based energy and your conscious mind to say “just move aside please! Thanks for all the good you may have done in the past, but now I’m turning a new page.

Whenever you hear the old stuff repeating, it’s probably childhood programming from parents. Just say “thank you but no; I’m now an adult and I think for myself.”

It’s so important to turn that page and be open to how you may now be thinking from your ‘future’, not old past memories. You are now creating wonderful new memories. Much guidance and help is always available. Just turn that new page every morning and decide what a wonderful and exciting life awaits you.

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