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Our Need to Belong

Have you realized that we all desire to ‘belong’ to someone or something?

As well as trying to find ‘ourselves’ we search for ‘someone’ or ‘something’ to which we feel connected.

Too often we choose to connect to another person who is also looking for connection, and it doesn’t work, because it’s not the connection we are looking for.

We join groups to satisfy our need to belong, but sometimes these groups can actually lead us astray as they may manipulate us through our need to belong.

We expect our family to satisfy our need to belong, but often this doesn’t happen, and we feel disappointed. We look to friendships and partnerships, but again, these may also end in disaster.

When we realise there is no need to search for somewhere to belong, that we already belong to the ‘brotherhood of humanity’, and beyond that we belong to the ‘Oneness of Spirit’ then we no longer feel that need to ‘belong’. Until this realization is met, we may spend our lives searching for connection, but are searching in all the wrong places.

When we stop looking for ego-based solutions, and look within through quiet meditation, we will find that we are already part of that for which we have been searching. Our Spiritual bond can be ignored, but never removed; we are always part of the Oneness of Spirit, and that is who we are and where we belong.

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