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Changing Our Beliefs

Do you notice that you often have a mindset that ‘this is possible and expected, and will happen’, but ‘this will not’?

Under the heading of ‘this will not’ we often place all the positive, loving and wonderful abilities we actually possess. Therefore those activities and possibilities we place under ‘not possible’ do not happen as we have closed that door. So what we receive is only what we believe to be possible and what we expect.

This is often the learned response from many years of difficult experiences and lifetimes of creating only what our lives then showed us was possible and probable, such as attempting to solve problems with confrontation, competition and warfare. Even though these solutions have become downgraded to bullying and competitiveness, our expectations often remain the same.

Please look into your inner book of beliefs and expectations, and when you find a page of negative writings, please rewrite it into the highest, greatest and most positive beliefs and expectations that you can currently imagine.

Then create an affirmation stating these new positive beliefs and keep repeating it whenever the old ‘no, that’s not possible; if I don’t confront and compete nothing will happen’ attitude arises.

One day you will look back at your previous beliefs, and realise how differently you now believe, and how positive beliefs have really changed your life.

Positive expectations create positive experiences, and your current beliefs are what are writing your personal Book of Life.

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