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The Importance of ‘Outcomes’

Do you ever wonder why a particular ‘outcome’ seems to occur quite unexpectedly?

It may be unexpected by your ego-self but is certainly not unexpected by your inner-self, who decided that this ‘outcome’ was needed and then organized it.

‘Outcomes’ may often to be attached to an event or a request, but sometimes seem to have no obvious relevance to that event or request.

When there is a need for a particular ‘outcome’, it waits until there is something to which it can be connected, so its relevance may then be reflected upon and accepted, rather than dismissed as something completely irrelevant.

So next time you notice an ‘outcome’ realise that for some reason this result must be important, and it should be noticed and accepted. Within every ‘outcome’ is an important message or lesson that your inner-self believes you need to know and to understand. Sometimes the ‘outcomes’ may be part of an action you are concerned in, or an event you are only following, but there may still be a message in it for you.

If the ‘outcome’ touches your heart with pleasure or even pain, it is telling you something. Notice, listen and learn with inner understanding and gratitude. We are guided by many wonderful signposts on our current human journey, and ‘outcomes’ are one of them.

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