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Clearing out the Wardrobe of your Mind.

For the next few days take some time to clear out the wardrobe of your mind. It’s such an ongoing process to prevent our minds from dwelling on the negative stuff.

Even if we think we’re actually quite positive people, when we search deeper we may find a cupboard full of negative thoughts and expectations! These can surface in dreams, interfere with relationships, distort meditations, and if we refuse to acknowledge them, they may even alter the course of our lives.

However remember that they are all part of us from other, more difficult times. Thank them for the help they may have given back then, and explain that life is different now; they have played their part and are no longer needed. Once recognized, if they pop up again they can be more easily noticed and replaced.

So it’s most important to dig them out, recognize them as trash from the past, and then toss them away – but put them into a garbage bin, not a recycling bin!

Don’t berate yourselves; we all carry this old stuff, and now is the time to dispose of it. These negative expectations may once have helped to keep us safe, but now we need to spread good news and more positive expectations to create a happy, healthy life without fear.

So starting today, let’s begin to clear out the wardrobe of our minds.

Want some help with this?

For tossing out the negative – Callala Bay Scallop; Barnacle; Stromb. Canarium.

For replacing with positivity – Volute II; Little Whelks; and Scallop.

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