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Feminine Empowerment

One reason why we celebrate Mothers Day is because of the importance of feminine, or Venus energy. The importance of this energy has been lost over the decades as male, or Martian energy began to dominate, and our planet was turned towards competition and aggression to solve problems.

Now the feminine or Venus energy is gradually beginning to flow over the planet, and the feminine virtues of healing, nurturing, togetherness and wisdom are starting to grow in both males and females. It is time we realized and sought the value of these virtues in our governments, businesses, institutions and our families.

For too long have we turned our attention towards academic learning and competitive business practices, to the exclusion of creativity, imagination, caring and compassion. But it is these qualities, the qualities of caring mothers that will bring peace, abundance, harmony and the wisdom of oneness to our communities, countries and world.

So on Mothers Day let us remember the qualities that we most loved, respected and valued in our mothers, and continue to create these qualities within our own lives. Let us also search for leaders who exemplify the Venus energies of love, wisdom, compassion and therefore peace.

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