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The Gift of Synchronicities

When you notice strange occurrences that seem to be linked in some way, please welcome and honour them.

These synchronicities are reminders of the wonderful Spiritual Being that lives within us. They are little rays of wisdom; small gaps in our ‘ego-blanket’ that allows our Light to shine through.

“I was just thinking about that person and she rings!” “There was a book I wanted to read, and someone just handed it to me!”

Perhaps these synchronicities are Spirit’s way of showing us how much closer we are to recognizing our powerful Inner Being who has been hiding beneath our human clothing; they are little signposts showing us we are moving in the right direction.

When we achieve small changes towards compassion and harmony, that silent life within us is growing and changing our ordinary life with little touches of ‘magic’.

As the energy of the planet becomes more inclined towards love and peace we’ll notice even more amazing synchronicities, and our lives will flow with ease and grace.

Never discount these synchronicities, but honour them as steps on the ladder we are climbing into higher and freer dimensions.

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