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Seeing a Different Picture

If at any time you are doubting your abilities and gifts, please pause; stop looking only at that tiny part of the screen of your life and look at the bigger picture.

There will always be parts which you see as imperfect. Don’t criticise and then pass this criticism onto the whole picture.

When you pause and reconsider, you will see that the small blemishes and imperfections which you are focussing on are just that! Small imperfections waiting until you have the time, energy and a sufficiently positive attitude to change them.

So instead of focussing on what is ‘wrong’ in your life, and spreading that ‘wrongness’ over everything else, stop, and become aware of the bigger picture. Look at what you consider ‘right’ in your life – and in your world. Feel gratitude for the 90% of ‘right’ and allow this to spread over the ‘wrong’. Know that as you have created so many positive actions and abilities you can continue to do so.

The little patches of ‘wrong’ are there for a reason, just waiting for you to understand differently and with the new wisdom gained see a different picture and create even more beauty and blessings in your life, and also in your world.

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