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Angelic Guidance for Change

Angelic Guidance for Change

SKU: angelchange5

Take 4 drops from each Essence in the following sequence 2-3 times a day.

Jackknife Clam– positive adjustment to the changing energies, and removal of old negative energies.

Shin-Bone Tibia– gratitude for where you’ve come from, and growth towards new positive change.

White False Oyster– Stability and feeling grounded and balanced.

Red English Sea Urchin– growth towards the positive energy of heart-centered compassion.

Noble Volute– stimulates peace, love and harmony with all creation.

  • Testimonial

    Angelic Guidance for Change.
    (5 stock Infinite energy Essences)

    Since taking the Angelic Guidance for Change I have experienced:

    • Smoother flow in day to day life;
    • Remarkable synchronicity;
    • Insight that appears to occur without effort;
    • Heightened intuition and affirmation on following through on it;
    • Perfectly aligned unexpected meetings;
    • Unexpected assistance in numerous areas of life;
    • Deeper personal insight to bring about more positive, functional and healthier relating.


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