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Positive Relationships - 3 Dose Blends & 1 Coral

Positive Relationships - 3 Dose Blends & 1 Coral

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Positive Relationships
- 3 Dose Blends & 1 Coral

I Create; I Relate; Loving Relationships; Coral 14.


Testimonial by Kimberliegh Joblin

I like to work with Numbers as well as Astrology in my Healing Work, and November 2019 is what I call a 14/5 Vibrational month in a 12/3 year.

It’s a month of dealing with your 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) communication and being heard imbalances; and your 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) personal power/ employment imbalances.

I chose for myself this sequence of:

1. Stylaster – Coral 14 for a sense of power over one’s destiny.

2. I Create Blend – for an ability to confidently access your creativity and manifesting abilities.

3. I Relate Blend – for balancing out any personal planetary blocks and effects of any current planetary clashes.

I take this sequence daily as often as I need. It helps me to regain my sense of equilibrium & sense of my efforts in life and work being meaningful, valued & worthwhile.

Kimberleigh Joblin ND; Astro Talk Astrology Consultant.

(I was very impressed with this sequence, so I’ve made it into a ‘Special’, but I’ve added ‘Loving Relationships’, which might be important when we get together with family at Christmas!)

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