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Shells’ Book and Workshop Manual

Shells’ Book and Workshop Manual

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Shells’ Book and Workshop Manual

Want to know more about Shell Essences and how to use them for Clients, Self and Family? The manual and the book will tell you all you need to know.

I’ll be teaching more workshops in the future.

This Manual contains the relevant information on each of the 40 Shell Essences, the 16 Coral Essences, the 13 Infinite Energy Essences, the 14 Activating Aura Mists, and 32 Blends. Also information on how to work with the essences; core information; planetary energy; vibrational medicine and energy infringements. As new essences are created new manual pages are available and can be easily inserted into the manual.All the information you require to use the Shell and Coral Essences can be found in this Manual.

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