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Moldavite and Meteorite stock and spray 3

Moldavite and Meteorite stock and spray 3

SKU: metmov3

Two new Essences have now joined hands to begin 2021.

They are both from outer space, possibly from other planets, and are gifts from these other worlds; they have arrived to help us reform and reconnect to the wisdom of the cosmos.

The first to arrive as a gift from a friend was Moldavite, a meteorite which was formed 15 million years ago, and found in Europe.

Moldavite helps us to acknowledge our long heritage, and begin to reclaim the wisdom we once had. It opens a new doorway into a ‘new age’ of unlimited potential, and helps reconnect us with our ‘families’ on other planets. We understand we are not alone, and when requested, help is always available.

When we take this Essence it may unlock and release old negative memories which no longer serve us, then new wisdom, ideas and potentials can emerge.

Moldavite and Meteorite seem to both have a blend of feminine and masculine energy – perhaps depending on which energy  we need.

Meteorite has a nickel/iron matrix, is apparently 4 billion years old, and was found in Argentina; it is quite rare, and believed to be a gift from another world. It wishes to help us connect with the pattern of planets of our solar system, of which Gaia is a part.

It has arrived to teach us that we are all created from the same energy we may call ‘love’, and helps us to feel at home on Gaia, our Planet Earth.

Meteorite reminds us that it is imperative we respect and honour all of life, and all the parts of our planet.

Moldavite and Meteorite both help us to release our old negative beliefs in ‘differences’ which have caused us so much pain and trouble in our past. Once we reconnect to our planetary source, we can each play our vital roles in honouring, respecting, and connecting to the wisdom within all of life.

We are all pieces of the huge jigsaw of the cosmos, and each part connects with other parts to form a complete picture of the whole.

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