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Rainbow Hematite Stock,  Spray and Card

Rainbow Hematite Stock, Spray and Card



Rainbow Hematite

With Rainbow Hematite

I can understand more,

It enlightens my Heart and my Inner Core,

Giving a more subtle and beautiful view,

Allowing me to see what is perfect and true.

This beautiful Rainbow Hematite gives the quality of Enlightenment and encourages us to delve even deeper into the forgotten information of ‘Life, the Universe, our Planet, and everything’.


With Enlightenment we will see more of the ‘whole picture’ not just the surface impression of what we may currently believe, resting on what we’ve been told, taught, think we know, instead of the actual reality.

Our planet and all who reside on it are waiting for the positive change, the shift that we believe has now begun.

But to change our world, our planet and of course humanity, we must begin to understand the whole picture, not just the surface image. We will then no longer have a need to criticize, analyze, and blindly follow the various systems of belief.

The Rainbow Hematite is an important piece of Mother Earth that has been held, waiting to burst our current ‘bubble of belief’ and allow wider, deeper wisdom to impact and hold our hands,
 leading us to see a greater vision of reality with love and compassion, when we are finally ready.

I believe the time has come!

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